The term “grading”  in Karate means “examination”.  As with most martial arts around the world, a belt system is used in Goju Ryu to show the progress and proficiency of students.  A belt or “obi” is earned through dedication to training in combination with a grading or examination.

Karate-ka (students) are examined on their abilities and skill within our Goju Ryu / EGKA grading syllabus. If all criteria is met to a proficient standard the karate-ka will attain and be awarded their grade accordingly. The grade attained is represented by the colour of the obi (belt) worn by the karate-ka.



Below is a representation of the NSK Goju Ryu Belt System


Things to remember

  1. In order to grade you must have completed the minimum training requirements and be confident that you know the technical requirements in the syllabus. If you are in doubt about your ability to grade please speak to Sensei Jason Rogers.
  2. You must hold a valid EGKA licence which you will need to take along to your grading. You will not be allowed to grade without one.
  3. Please turn up for the grading at least 30 minutes before to give you enough time to register, prepare yourself and warm up.
  4. All students grading should be wearing a Gi (suit) with the Goju Ryu Kenkon Badge on the chest area (Left Hand Side). To purchase a Gi, Kenkon Badge and/or to ask any questions please speak to Sensei Jason Rogers.
  5. Your Gi should be clean and neatly pressed.
  6. All jewellery should be removed or taped over.

More info on what to expect at a grading can be found here Your Grading and What To Expect On The Day