Sensei Jason Rogers is the Chief Instructor at North Surrey Karate.  He was born in Henley in December 1976.  He started studying martial arts at the age of 8, rapidly progressing to 1st Dan (shodan) in 1990 whilst still training as a teenager amongst his class of adults.

Winning many tournaments along the way, Sensei Jason developed his fighting abilities and can be often seen teaching his students how to control, yet win, during sparring sessions.

His teaching style is respectful but light-hearted, paying as much attention to the keen senior grades as he does to the quiet beginner starting off their training at the back of the class.

From his early teens, Sensei Jason studied various other forms of martial arts styles but felt that they were fragmented and only offered certain aspects of martial arts. Sensei Jason’s heart lies firmly
with GojuRyu and feels it is a more complete system developing himself and his students from the inside as well as the outside.

Sensei Jason started teaching in 1998 at the Bourne Hall Dojo and now runs North Surrey Karate centre in Chessington, Surrey supporting the martial science development of both children and adults.